Magic begins to glimmer in my surrounds

Me at the hotel in San Cristobal. "Armando" the Argentinian writer predicted by "Lilith" enters the story. 

Zipolite- the killing beach.

Logan at Zipolite

"Armando's mother's house -- the place of the bee spell

Me and "Spirit Marta's" grandchild

La Realidad --Civil Camp for Peace

"We were so high up that clouds were floating alongside us in the distance."

"...the men, the rebels, were crossing the creek on horses, heading to the secret camp in the jungle."


"While they had little of material value, which created undeniable hardship, there was ... an incredible strength that permeated the auras of the adults."



"a procession of army vehicles began to roll through the only street in the tiny village."

"They photographed us as we photographed them."

Pacific coast

Near the witch's compound


"Stephan", the tall, dark man with long dreadlocks.

The Meza Hostel 

Likely due to its reputation as one of Che Guevara’s haunts, the hostel attracted young travelers from all corners of the globe.

"In my room there was a well-executed turtle with a tree growing out of its back depicting the mythic Mayan world."

"Before sunset we climbed up the ancient steps of temple IV, and sat with a group of fellow travelers, gathered to watch the sun slowly disappear behind the sprawling jungle below."

"Pulling the blanket around our two huddled, achy bodies we watched as the sun rose over the jungle. The birds began to sing and call first, and then the monkeys joined in."