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Cover artwork: Dream Bird

by Alice Mason

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Jump into the Blue

A true story
Divine magic or madness? Heroine or fool?

In this real life account that begins with a playful Ouija session, Christy finds herself swept into a mysterious, surreal world governed by magic and synchronicity. Moving from the grungy streets of Montreal, to Mayan Pyramids, Rainbow Gatherings, and ultimately to the far reaches of reality, Christy explores both her external and internal world and awakens to levels of consciousness that rock her entire belief system.


In this multidimensional story, told authentically from the heart, the author challenges her readers to evaluate their own understanding of reality. With nuggets of wisdom and unique spiritual insight, this wild, enchanting journey, detailing incredible highs and terrifying lows, is sure to fascinate anyone interested in the deeper aspects of life.

Comments and reviews from readers:

"Written in that deceptively seemingly effortless way of a gifted author, this book grabbed me and didn't want to let me go until I'd finished it.
Christina's account of a certain period in her ongoing spiritual quest is peppered with magical places and quirky young folk along the way..I was completely hooked!
Two days later, her experiences are still vibrating and vibrant in my head..I am missing reading her and want to hear so much more of the journey she is on ! When is the sequel coming out please!?
" - Stella

"Christina's story is written in a clear and insightful way. Her imagery leads the reader into her journey, weaving a spell around them. I loved the book and read it straight through in one sitting. I could not put it down!" - Tanya Schecter

"This is an enthralling read! It was engrossing from beginning to end. I have read articles from Christy before and her writing style is always warm and what I would describe as "down to earth". Here she takes us with her on a journey to understand the mysteries in her life. Her story is unusual and exciting, potentially hazardous and in short a true life adventure. There is a way of directly experiencing the enchantment waiting in our individual and collective lives that some call "shamanic". There is a threshold that is called "liminal" between the normal waking and paranormal dream like "reality". Some are accidentally thrust abruptly across the border. Is it a safe place to travel? Once we open up to this "outer limit" of our awareness, the strange weird world of the shamanic can become frightening. If we try to stay "safe" and never risk the trek that looks "mad", we miss out. The supernatural becomes the natural with experience. Every time we hear from others who have risked the jaunt into an unknown to discover themselves, we feel encouraged. Christy's true fairy tale (with both the dark and light elements) will inspire others to feel their way to their authentic magical reality. Thank you!!" - Maggie

"I found this book to be very well written and entertaining. It was honestly hard for me to put it down every time i picked it up. A very warm and inviting story guides you along with incidences that you wont see coming. If you are a spirit seeker or one who loves stories of an atypical life, you will love this book as i did." - Amazon Customer

"Last night, up late and unable to sleep with a broken little toe, (given the pain, who knew it was such a mighty thing?), I was in dire need of a compelling read. I downloaded Jump into the Blue and all I can say is Wow! What a wild ride this author went on. And she wrote the book so well, it was an effortless pleasure to read.

I read a lot of non-fiction paranormal-books. At first, I thought this would follow the usual storyline of a demonic or negative energy coming through a Ouija board. That would have been fine if it had gone that way, but it didn't. Instead, it segued to other paths the author sought or stumbled upon to access other energies or dimensions or the unseen reality behind this one or whatever you want to call it. I could not predict what would happen to the author from one chapter to the next. It kept me on the edge of my seat (and made me forget my wittew toe.)

She also portrays the adventurous traveling life of a young person, which is vicariously fun. (She sure has a lot of guts!!!) She meets new people in other countries and describes the various lifestyles and places in a picturesque way. Sometimes, her life sounded a lot like the hippie world of The Sixties, which is my favorite era. The William Blake quote at the beginning of the book refers to the doors of perception which, as I recall, was The Doors inspiration for calling themselves The Doors, and an apt reference for the author's own experiences. (Break on through to the other side!)

I like, too, that in the end, the author did not try to wrap up all her otherworldly experiences in a simplistic little bow. Some things in life are a mystery and I, for one, like it that way.
" - Francie Nolan

"Thank you, Christy, for sharing your journey… I just read the entire book in one sitting, unable to stop, as much as what you have written I relate to on a deep level. For those considering a purchase or a read of Jump into the Blue… I urge you to take the leap." - Alexcat

“Jump into the Blue” is a delightful read. It’s entertaining, insightful, a courageous reveal and a gutsy journey. It’s a multi-dimensional treasure with lessons on discernment, courage to break free of fears that serve to imprison, and a recognition of the inner strength and connection to one’s personal Source. - RunningDeer

"This book details a journey of awareness and spiritual revelation, a personal experience which took the writer into a far deeper world than many of us know. It is a rare insight told authentically and truthfully. A journey of the heart, mind and soul, it is hard to put down and the experiences told give much to contemplate upon, It is certainly a book to be read more than once." - Tammy Mill-Thom

"Real life is so much more interesting than fiction, and Christina's deeply personal journey into uncharted realms proves that once again. It is a layered story told from the heart and from the inside out, so that we get to know the author well, and we share in her exploration of some of the mysteries in her life in such an intimate and authentic way that we cannot deny the possibility that there is much more magic and synchronicity in our individual and collective existence than we are comfortable with. She takes on our conditioned lack of imagination with such sincerity and in such a disarming way that we are forced to examine our own failure to take more creative risks in our own lives, and to reassess the inexplicable and wondrous incidents that are too often dismissed and taken for granted." - Natalie Mannering

"I love this book! Christine's journey offers everyone an exploration of their own discovery. It's like a guided tour for our own profound experiences that some or most of us may have similarly experienced but never had a dictation or graphic explanation of. Christine does a heroic effort with this. I am grateful for this story and feel that it should be on my bookshelf close to PKD and or Anton Wilson. She is a pro!" - Samuel R Myers

"Just finished reading... Not to sound cruel but I didn't expect much but wow... For anyone who claims to be alternate thinker this is a must read. I can only claim to relate to a small portion of this, so for me this was a ride I went along with in a vicarious way. Cheers to Christina for putting it all out there." - Deadfoot

"I read this book and it captivated me from the beginning. For anyone seeking to get away from their day to day existence and have special spiritual appearances manifest, journey into Christina's world. I had the good fortune to have made similar journeys through Mexico and Central America and Christina's memory of her journeys and descriptive examinations of her visions brings me home to worlds I once knew and occasionally receive glimpses of that youth and explorative initiations that all creative beings experience as they journey through life. Definitely worth the ride." - Travis Winn

"I could not put this book down! Jump Into The Blue will completely captivate you right from the start and keep you there right until the end.
The author opens up her heart and soul to tell us a true story about a period of time in her life that was so amazing and beautiful, but also somewhat terrifying. The writing is descriptive and honest which really makes you feel like you are right there with Christy seeing everything through her eyes. Going on this incredible journey with Christy helped me to understand some of my own spirituality and make sense of some of my own experiences.
Thank you Christy for having the courage to tell your story." -  Julie Powers

"A moment ago, I finished reading this amazing book. While reading an article by the author (I think it was on Wake Up World, can't remember for sure), I was intrigued when she mentioned she'd had a transformative spiritual experience which was detailed in the book Jump Into the Blue, and I followed the link to Amazon. ... Last night, intending to read only for a couple of hours, I stayed up until 2:00 am reading even though I needed to get up early. I only stopped and went to bed because I lost internet connection. I see from other reviewers that I'm not the only one who couldn't put it down. I'm grateful that Christy was willing to share her experiences, because it can be difficult to learn more about these aspects of reality, partly because there is such a stigma. I've had only a small taste of this in my own life experience, but enough that I want to know everything. The high quality and lack of pretention in her writing is something really rare and special." - Kristina

"Real and raw. Christy describes her journey of awakening, from the highest flight to the lowest fall. On a big quest about the nature of reality and herself, she follows the hints, inner and outer, leaving little gold nuggets of wisdom to nudge the readers to go onto a treasure-hunt themselves. A breathtaking journey which will make it difficult to put the book down, until you finished the last page." - Johanna Menke

"I found this book to be incredibly healing. I was glued to it for two days and read it from cover to cover. It was fascinating and talks of the mysteries and magic of consciousness that most deep thinkers contemplate and become engrossed by. This book elucidates so many of these thoughts and in a way answers so many of them, and takes you on a magical adventure while answering them. I cried and laughed. I related so much to Christy's character, (herself,) and loved her so much for bearing so much of her soul. It is a healing, candid, powerful and mystical journey. Completely wonderful." - Alice J Mason

"I love this book. I couldn't stop to read. It touches the heart very deeply and it made me think a lot about my own spiritual development. I can recommend the book to everybody! A great guide to the inner truth." - Mirjam

"A book like no other. An amazing journey across countries, different relationships and alternate dimensions. All the more fascinating as it reflects the author's own experiences. Challenge your existing concepts of reality with Christy's story." - Sheree Lyons

'Jump Into The Blue' is an exquisite recollection of one woman's journey - a journey of discovery as she explores her senses, her emotions, her relationships, and the physical and ethereal worlds around her. Beautifully written, it is an evocative recollection of a carefree young adult's discovery of self within the fascinating but potentially dangerous worlds she inhabits. I couldn't put it down, and was enchanted from beginning to end! - Josee Hannequin

"Over this last weekend your book helped to bring me in a kind of transition.  I dreamt so much and the days after had this strange dreamy quality that I find in the end of your book. I realised yesterday that I had been sort of 'lost in space' and needed to 'define' myself again in a new way. It miraculously went together with finishing your book". - Tanja Smeets

I love books that take me on a journey, and this book did that and more. Not only did it transport me to different locations in the world so vividly I could smell the sea, but on an inner journey as well. I loved visiting different dimensions. I loved Christy's honesty about the struggles and challenges she experienced. This is a vivid layered book that I would highly recommend. It is a book I will read again. - Argnesh Rose

It's beautiful. It's raw, it's human, it's sensual. - Shelli Van Santen

...a compelling, well-written and very engaging story...the voice of the narrative is strong, personable and honest throughout: the reader feels confidently steered through varied and (later) quite complex content.... it’s vivid, evocative and easy for the reader to engage with... - Sophia Barnes, Manuscript Editor's like a deep unconscious thirst that I have been carrying, is being quenched, only it's better described as my Soul self being blessed with a gentle mist of rain in sunshine and rainbows, I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!! I needed this book!!!! Thank you for reminding me what I forgot, inspiring me, awakening me with pure magic and beauty of truths. - Kitty Martin

A lovely story well told. Only thing that disappointed me was coming to the end. Looking forward to the next volumes. -Pat Catchpole

I ... found it very difficult to stop reading it.  It is breathtakingly beautiful... it is so well written I was transfixed for hours... -Carolyn Guichard